Why does my company need E-commerce?

In recent years, e-commerce has become an indispensable part of the global retail framework. As in many other industries, the retail landscape has changed significantly since the advent of the internet. Thanks to the advancing digitization of modern life, consumers from almost all countries benefit from the advantages of online trading.

In 2020, an estimated 3 billion people bought goods or services online.

You know that your competitor is selling on the internet. Why them and not you?

Now your competitor in the network is making this investment in order to occupy a good part of your market. What are you waiting for? The market is waiting for you. Remember, anyone who owns a business can see the potential of this new trend. The economy has always adapted to the company’s development. So remember: if you stay outside, you will get into trouble.

Ok, what specific benefits could it bring me?

Imagine sitting on the sofa at home, relaxing and doing math like you would in a store. Surreal, right? Instead, it does this with the implementation of an e-commerce on your website.

The nice thing about this virtual world is the speed of communication. All users are always connected to the internet and make purchases how and where they want. This is a big plus for your company

We offer a range of packages that are suitable for both small and large businesses

Find the best solution for your company

We offer three bespoke packages: bronze, silver and gold. We’ll help you find the best solution for your business needs.

E-Commerce Bronze

CHF ab1.499.-
CHF 99 pro Monat


  • Starseite (Landing Page)
  • Aktivierung der Online-Shop-Seite
  • Inklusive Erstellung von 50 Produkten
  • POP-UP Alert
  • Realisierung in 3 Wochen
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E-Commerce Silver

CHF ab 2.900.-
CHF 149 pro Monat


  • Webseite mit 3 Seiten
  • Aktivierung der Online-Shop-Seite
  • 100 Artikel Erstellen
  • POP-UP Alert
  • LOKAL SEO (3 Keywords und 3 Standorte)
  • 1 Monat Google AdWords
  • 1 Monat für die Erstellung
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E-Commerce Gold

CHF ab 6.900.-
CHF 299 pro Monat


  • Vollständige Website
  • Vollständige Online-Shop
  • Unbegrenzte Artikel
  • Schulung für E-Commerce-Website
  • POP-UP Alert
  • Kantonal SEO (10Wörter Ihrer Wahl)
  • 5 Monate Google Adwords
  • Google My Business Optimization 1 Jahr KOSTENLOS
  • Social Media E-Commerce 1 Jahr
  • 1 Monat für die Erstellung
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