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Why do I need social networks?

Social media (blogs, forums, communities, virtual worlds, wikis and social networks) have changed classic advertising. The growth of our technology is so rapid and continuous that you are almost forced to join the new trends in order to keep up with the competition. Social media online portals such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Co. are becoming increasingly important. Such platforms need a lot of maintenance in order to promote the growth of your marketing. It costs resources, time and personnel to familiarize yourself with the latest trends. Therefore, it is advantageous to hire an agency to make possible improvements to your social media marketing strategy. This also enables potential errors and problems to be identified and avoided at an early stage.

Every beginning is difficult, but as soon as you have gained a foothold you will realize that great works can be created for you with “small” tools. Marketingmaster will be happy to help you take this step. Our specialized company knows very well which ways and means can be used to achieve success in the social media area. We are happy to assist you and we will certainly not disappoint you. We help you to adjust to the world of online marketing and to become an integral part of it.

These advantages are available to you through our SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING:

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Trust our social media management services. Our team of professionals in the industry take complete control of your social accounts, run a bespoke marketing campaign and create emotional content to best describe your product.


custom social media strategy

Among the companies that ask us: “Why should I invest in social networks?” We answer “For your potential!”

Small and large companies that invest well manage to get in touch with interested users, convey their corporate identity and offer their products and services.

Let’s talk about a new reality that will allow your business to improve its online visibility with the right strategy. Via social networks, people can group and meet according to certain interests and thus become your potential customers

With our Social Media package you get:

We offer a range of packages that are suitable for both small and large businesses

Find the best solution for your company

We offer three bespoke packages: bronze, silver and gold. We’ll help you find the best solution for your business needs.

Social Bronze

CHF ab899.-
pro Jahr


  • 1 Beitrag pro Woche
  • Grafische Post-Erstellung
  • Studie und Planung der Posts
  • Plattformen: Facebook - Instagram
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Social Silver

CHF ab 2.499.-
pro Jahr


  • 2 Beiträge pro Woche
  • Grafische Post-Erstellung
  • Studie und Planung von Marketingkampagnen
  • Studie Werbeaktionen auf sozialen Kanälen
  • Plattformen: Facebook - Instagram
  • Monatliches Videokonferenztreffen zur Trendanalyse
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Social Gold

CHF ab4.500.-
pro Jahr


  • 3 Beitrage pro Woche
  • Font Studie
  • Farbe Studie
  • Anpassung von Logos
  • Professionelle Fotos
  • Professionelle Videos
  • Erstellung von Marketingkampagnen
  • Plattformen: Facebook - Instagram
  • Monatliches Treffen zur Diskussion der Plannung
  • Monatliche Aktionspläne
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